Are You a Seasonal Angler, or do you Fish Throughout the Year?

“Fair weather anglers” – there is no shame in fishing only in the warmer months in some parts of the world, as winters can be very extreme in some countries! But personally, I like to try and fish all year round if I can, and I certainly don’t pack my fishing gear away for select months of the year, it is always ready to go, January through to December.

What I love about fishing throughout the year, is that it can mean that you are forced to fish for different species as the water changes temperature. This may not be the case for everyone, but I know for many people, they will see different species in their local waters in the winter months than they do in the summer.

Sunny ice fishing

This will improve you as an angler. If you fish for the same species all the time, then yes you will probably be very good at catching them. But when it comes to catching anything other than your favoured fish, you may well struggle as you will likely want to assume the same fish habits exist through various species.

When you fish for different target species, then you will become a much more rounded angler, and your knowledge of fish behaviour will greatly improve. I believe that having a this understanding will give you that ability and confidence to try different methods when you are out and the fish aren’t biting.

Try different rigs

Fishing throughout the year will give you the opportunity to try out different rigs. In the warmer months you may want to try fishing with lures, or float fishing for example. Then when the colder months roll in, you can switch this up to try some bottom rigs, or live baiting for any predators that are active in colder waters.

There are so many ways that you can fish, and I have found that certain methods work best for certain species. This of course means you will become a more rounded angler, and the experience you gain from fishing throughout the year, for different species of fish can be invaluable.

When you try using different rigs, and you change up your fishing gear and use a setup that may not be that familiar to you, then you will find that over time you start to understand how fish respond to the different baits and setups you try, and you will also gain an understanding of what type of fish you can catch on each rod, reel and rig.

Embrace the winter months

Even through the colder winter months, you will always get some days where the sun is shining and the air has that wonderful crispness to it. Wrap yourself up warm, get some decent thermal’s to wear, pack your flask of warm coffee (with maybe a shot of something stronger in it too!), and be prepared to face the cold. But most of all, get ready to enjoy the wonders that winter fishing can bring!

Do you fish all year round? Let me know about your extreme weather fishing trips in the comments below

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