Your Fishing Gear – Getting it Right

If you are just starting to get into fishing, and you don’t really target certain species, you’re really just want to catch anything that will eat your bait; you don’t need to purchase any specialized equipment.

There are plenty of great options to get you started, and probably one of the best ways to start is to buy a rod and reel combo. If you get a rod of around 3-6kg, and a reel size of 3000 or 4000, that’s pretty much middle of the road and will allow you to catch a variety of fish.

Fishing rods and fishing gear in a hunting and fishing store

You can purchase some fairly good combos at a very reasonable price, so you do not have to break the bank to get started. But if you are a little more experienced, then you may want to start targeting certain species of fish, and this is when you need to start looking at fishing equipment that is best suited to the species you are fishing for.

Your gear won’t always be determined by a certain species either. If you want to do a certain type of fishing, then there are rods and fishing reels to best suit different methods. For example, if you wanted to spin with lures in a river or estuary then you’ll want a different rod and reel than if you wanted to go casting heavy weights from a beach.

As you become more experienced in your fishing, you will get a feel for what type of fishing gear you need for different types of fishing.

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